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Periodic Maintenance

Wet cleaning ought to be carried out in accordance with an agreed schedule, with the areas of most heavy traffic or those areas subjected to the highest level of soiling requiring more frequent cleaning. Wet cleaning is used to remove oily, greasy and other tacky substances and accumulated soiling which discolours and otherwise affects the pile of the carpet.

The most appropriate method of wet cleaning is to use spray extraction cleaning. This is also referred to as hot water extractions, hot water rinse and steam cleaning or rotary/cylindrical brush shampooing.

The frequency of wet cleaning is dependent upon the effectiveness of the daily maintenance.

It is important with all carpet structures not to over wet when cleaning. Cleaned areas must be allowed to fully dry before being reopened for use.

Shampoo and spray extraction chemicals: because some cleaning techniques leave residues of shampoo or spray extraction chemicals in the carpet, it is essential that they confirm to certain minimum requirements.

  • They should leave a dry, powdery, preferably crystalline residue
  • They should have a neutral pH
  • Good cleaning powder
  • No added bleaches, dyes etc.

Suitable products are those which are "Woolsafe Approved" and carry the required products certification.