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Tips For Specific Problems


When a carpet is new, loose fluff may appear on the surface. This is merely loose bits of short fibre left in the pile by the manufacturing process. They represent only a minute proportion of the fibre in the pile and will gradully disapper with the use of vacuuming.


A single tuft rising up from the pile surface is called a sprout, which should be trimmed with scissors. Do not pull the tuft or it may unravel and cause a hole in the carpet.


This problem is minimised with carpets made of wool, because wool is more flame retardant than other carpet fibres. If a cigarette has scorched the pile of wool or wool rich carpet rub the damaged ends of the pile, with for exmaple the edge of a coin, gently to remove the burnt tips of the pile. If the carpet is light-coloured, any remaining discolouration can be removed by rubbing with sandpaper, or failing that with a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide.


A compression mark made by furniture is minimised with wool or wool rich carpets as they are highly resilient. Gentle moistening of the indentation with water aids recovery of damaged areas.

Castor Chairs

It is strongly recommended that a protecting mat or similar is used under the castor chairs.