Daily Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance

Treating Stains

Tips for Specific Problems

Planning/Long Term Care

Planning and long term care of the Carpet Installations

Careful planning before carpets are chosen and fitted enhances their appearance and extends their lives. Seek advice about what types of carpet and fitting systems are suitable for the locations and whether any floor preparation work is needed. Health and safety aspects of the installation need to be considered at this stage. Use competent carpet installers. Fitting work should be carried out using the methods described in the current edition of BS 5325, Code of Practice for the Installation of Textile Floor Coverings.


Installation of entrance or barrier mats. These are intended to minimise the time and effort required for routine and periodic maintenance. Entrance mats are of two kinds, HEAVY and LIGHT duty.

HEAVY duty mats are usually placed outside to remove lumps of soil, snow and the like. Commonly they are made of metal strips and/or rubber blocks.

LLIGHT duty mats are placed inside entrances to remove as much as possible of the remaining soil from shoes. These are usually made up of cotton, viscose or coir, which readily collect soil. They can easily become saturated with soil and can even add to the soil brought into buildings. To prevent this they should be maintained regularly hosing, brushing, vacuuming, shaking or replacement as required. For best results they should be at least two strides long so that both shoes are cleaned.